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The police officers and civilian employees of the Bladensburg Police Department are committed to protecting the community and providing excellent service.  We are committed to making Bladensburg a safer town and the Bladensburg Police Department a better police agency. Have you received exceptional service or assistance beyond the call of duty from our police or civilian members? We would invite you to send us an e-mail and let us know.

What if you don't know the officers' name?

If you don't know the officers' name or identification number, please provide the date, time, location and circumstances of the incident. If you have the police case number, please include it. Efforts will be made to identify the officer(s) involved.

We thank you for your time in sending us a compliment and welcome your input or suggestions to ensure we are meeting the needs of the community.  If you have ideas how the Bladensburg Police Department can assist in improving community safety or deliver quality service to the community. send us a message. Your feedback is important.

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