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When To Call 9-1-1 and Non-Emergency (301) 864-6080


When To Call 9-1-1

9-1-1 is to be used only for emergencies—POLICE, FIRE, MEDICAL—where an immediate response is required.  When there is an emergency and lives are in danger, immediate action is required or there is a crime in progress.

When there is a good chance of arresting a crime suspect or of preventing the development of a serious crime situation by reporting suspicious persons, vehicles or circumstances, when there are threats of violence, actions or disturbance that if not controlled quickly could result in an emergency situation

Currently all 911 calls within Bladensburg go directly to Prince George’s County central call taking center.


When To Call The Non- Emergency Number (301) 864-6080

(301) 864-6080 is to be used for all non-emergency situations, where an immediate response or dispatch of the police is not required.  When some time has elapsed since the incident occurred, crime suspect is not on the scene or calls are of nuisance nature.

The use of (301) 864-6080 for all non-emergency reporting helps to keep the 9-1-1 lines available for people reporting an emergency situation. Most calls to 9-1-1 are not of an emergency nature and an immediate response is not required.  If you are unsure how serious an incident is call 9-1-1.  Requests for assistance are dispatched on a priority basis, with serious calls dispatched first.

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